Payment of deferred output tax even before the expiry of the period of deferment in respect of a newly set up industrial unit or in the expanded portion of an existing industrial unit.

173. Where -

(a) the business of a registered dealer is discontinued; or

(b) the liability to pay tax by a registered dealer under the Act has ceased; or

(c) the certificate of registration of a dealer is cancelled, whether during the period in respect of which, or during the period up to which, the dealer is eligible for deferment of payment of output tax such dealer shall, notwithstanding that he is required to pay the amount of tax according to the provisions of rule 172, pay the entire amount of output tax deferred up to the date prior to the date of discontinuation of business, cessation of liability to pay tax or cancellation of the certificate of registration, as the case may be, within fifteen days from the date of such discontinuation, cessation or cancellation in the manner referred to in sub-rule (2), and sub-rule (3), of rule 172.